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Jan 15,2010

These days, the old utility style mobile phone that simple makes calls, takes SMS messages and captures photos with a built in camera is out the door, this is the new age of mobile phones and there are a huge amount of innovations headed our way. Chief among these is Nokia, a phone maker that has been bringing out impressive technology for quite some time. Users love the look of the Nokia X6 ‘candy bar’ style phone that is nothing if not chock full of goodness that is sure to please just about any mobile phone fan. Instead of a utility basic unit, this time the phone is jammed full of 32 gigs of memory and ready to compete with even Apple’s super powered hold on the mobile phone market. The innovation level is stunning reviewers worldwide who have been commenting that this latest model just may call for a revolution of sorts.

Those who want to be able to store a great deal of audio tracks and video files are going to find that there is more than enough room on the new X6 and plenty of space to spare, even for the most die hard users of the phone. The fact is, there are very few phones on the market today which can compete with the storage capacity of this new model and that alone is bound to make it stand out on the shelves - in a truly fantastic way. Consumers are expected to be snatching up these units nearly as quickly as they hit the stores.

Jan 15,2010

In the latest war between mobile phone makers, Sony Ericsson has announced that it is going to go all out with its latest release, the Sony Ericsson X10, a beast of a phone that is loaded with all kinds of features that consumers, especially among the heavily tech savvy, have been craving for quite some time now. It does appear that the electronics giant will be trouncing competition with this model that offers, among other things, the use of Google’s Android operating system. The new OS will certainly improve on what Google has learned by studying Apple’s OS for the iPhone and Google intends to do its best to give the kind of OS that will allow it to compete for a share of the mobile phone OS market the way it has in the search engine industry. All signs point to this offering a key level of competitiveness for the X10.

While rarely backing down from a challenge, Sony surprised analysts by having an 8.1 mega pixel camera built into their latest phone, a real leap forward from the 5 mega pixel expectations that are more or less standard at this time. That leads to a range of usability that is far higher than is commonly had in most mobile phones today. This is definitely a big plus in the growing web 2.0 sphere where users are exchanging photos in ever increasing numbers and demanding better technology with which to capture the images of their lives. Sony is certainly set to hit a home run, if not a grand slam, with their latest offering.

Apr 18,2008

The University of Glasgow has produced a breakthrough in nanotechnology that could revolutionize the Mp3 player industry with a storage capacity that is 150,000 times greater than today’s top choices. The molecule sized switch that has been developed will dramatically raise storage capacity without increasing the actual size of Mp3 players. This technology is designed to cram 500,000 GB into one square inch of a microchip which will allow Mp3 users to store hundreds of millions of video and song choices on one device. The technology could also transform storage on other electronics such as DVD players. Dr. Vin Dhanak from Glasgow University stated that the team is now facing the challenges of dealing with “fabrication issues”.

Feb 18,2008

On February 5th, Apple added new iPhone and iPod touch models to their line-up. These new models give users twice the amount of memory as older versions, which double their music, photos and videos respectively. The new iPhone now comes with 16 GB of memory. UK iPhone lovers will have the chance to purchase these newer versions immediately after their release this month. These new versions are expected to sell for £329 (inc VAT). This joins the original iPhone model which sells now for £269 (inc VAT). The iPod touch now comes in a 32GB model for £329 (inc VAT), which is slightly higher than the original 16GB model for £269 (inc VAT) and the 8GB model for £199 (inc VAT).

The newer 16 GB iPhone is currently available through the Apple Store, many Apple retail stores and the O2 and Carphone Warehouse retail stores, as well as their online stores. The new 32 GC iPod touch is available worldwide immediately for the suggested retail price and will be sold through all Apple authorized dealers. While iTunes movie rentals are still available in the United States only, iPhone and iPod users in the UK will still have access to music, photos and other videos.

These newly released versions of Apple’s products will require a Mac with a USB 2.0 port and an operating system of X 10.4.10 or later. Users can also use a Windows PC with a USB 2.0 port and Windows Vista or XP to load their music and videos. Both new versions will feature the multi-touch user interface and the latest software enhancements that are available. The ability to automatically find your location with the new Maps application, create web clips for websites and customize the home screen are also features of the newest versions of the Apple line-up.